Apple Daily

First published on 20 June 1995, Apple Daily is a Chinese-language newspaper and the second most popular newspaper in Hong Kong. Since its launch in 1995, Apple Daily has transformed Hong Kong's Chinese print media market with its signature features of openness, liberalism, vibrancy and the quest for truth.

Taiwan Apple Daily

On 2 May 2003, the Group launched Taiwan Apple Daily. Taiwan Apple Daily is the first mover venturing into the "infotainment" segment of the newspaper market in Taiwan with its dynamic way of reporting as well as emphasis placed on layout design. It steadily overtook all its rivals to become the island’s bestselling and most widely read daily during the fourth quarter of 2008, a position it has retained ever since. Taiwan Apple Daily is printed in-house with its two printing presses situated in Shinwu of Tao Yuan (near Taipei) and Kao Hsiung. Such coverage enables distribution of the newspaper to all major cities in Taiwan within 2 hours.

Taiwan Sharp Daily

On 23 October 2006, the Group launched Taiwan Sharp Daily, the Group's first free daily newspaper in Taiwan. The initial print run of 160,000 copies were distributed to the public outside the city’s Metro stations every morning from Mondays to Fridays. This free daily appeals to readers and advertisers alike; and it is aggressively and competitively marketing advertising space in its pages.

Newspaper Printing

Apple Daily Printing Limited

Apple Daily Printing Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, provides printing services to complement Apple Daily's business in Hong Kong. It also provides printing service to external customers.