Apple Daily

First published on 20 June 1995, Apple Daily is a Chinese-language newspaper and the second most popular newspaper in Hong Kong. Since its launch in 1995, Apple Daily has transformed Hong Kong's Chinese print media market with its signature features of openness, liberalism, vibrancy and the quest for truth.

Newspaper Printing

Apple Daily Printing Limited

Apple Daily Printing Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, provides printing services to complement Apple Daily's business in Hong Kong. It also provides printing service to external customers.

Book Publishing

Next Publications Limited

Next Digital's wholly-owned subsidiary, Next Publications Limited, publishes the very best Chinese-language fiction and non-fiction books. Its list includes original works by well-known local authors, as well as others previously published in the Company's magazines and newspaper.

Next Digital will continue to explore opportunities in publishing for Chinese readers.

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Magazine Publishing

Paramount Printing Company Limited

Paramount Printing Company Limited a wholly-owned subsidiary of Next Digital, primarily prints all magazines that are published by the Group. It also prints books, calendars, catalogues and a variety of other promotional literature and offers sophisticated design and artwork services to local and overseas clients.

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