Digital Business

Next Digital has always taken a proactive stance in the media landscape and has embraced the digital era over the past decade. We have kept pace with changing consumer trends and technologies, and have consistently developed creative solutions in serving our content in digital form. The digital version of Apple Daily in Hong Kong and Taiwan, in video and animated formats have been accompanied by a signature style branded as Apple Daily Digital and Apple Online respectively, making it the most popular news source for mobile devices in the two markets. In addition, the Group’s other magazines and special interest sites are devoted to enrich the lifestyles of Chinese-reading Internet users worldwide. Leveraging on the portals’ popularity, the Group is also involved in creative collaborations to develop online games and animation contents.

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Apple Daily

First published on 20 June 1995, Apple Daily is a Chinese-language newspaper and the second most popular newspaper in Hong Kong. Since its launch in 1995, Apple Daily has transformed Hong Kong's Chinese print media market with its signature features of openness, liberalism, vibrancy and the quest for truth.

Taiwan Apple Daily

On 2 May 2003, the Group launched Taiwan Apple Daily. Taiwan Apple Daily is the first mover venturing into the "infotainment" segment of the newspaper market in Taiwan with its dynamic way of reporting as well as emphasis placed on layout design. It steadily overtook all its rivals to become the island’s bestselling and most widely read daily during the fourth quarter of 2008, a position it has retained ever since.